As purveyors to the Kamigamo Shrine, longstanding tradition and reputation is upheld in the participation, preparation and presentation of each dish to embrace a brimful seasonal taste. With collective styles and performance, best culinary selections are offered to humbly reflect the mindset that is Japanese hospitality. Please indulge all your senses in Kyokaiseki cuisine to your heart's utmost content.



【Ume】 ¥3,000
【Miyabi】 ¥4,000
【Nagomi】 ¥5,000


【Aoi】 ¥ 8,000
【Yuki】 ¥10,000
【Tsuki】 ¥13,000
【Hana】 ¥15,000

Note* Tax (5%) and Service charge (Lunch 10%,Dinner 15%) is not included in posted prices. The menu offered will vary seasonally. Courses can be tailored to specific dietary needs. Please enquire at time of reservation.